Google makes it easier for marketers

Video is becoming more common on e-commerce sites. As a site owner, you can use videos to give shoppers a deeper understanding of the products you sell or build your reputation as a trusted expert. The video can also show up in Google searches. By posting your video content to Google, you can open up more opportunities for yourself, raise people’s awareness of your business, and bring attention to your site.

Where can videos appear in Google search results?
Videos can appear on the home page of Google search results or on the Videos tab. Videos are often presented with a thumbnail and other useful information such as playback duration and summary text. In addition, Google can now highlight key points in your video content, allowing users to navigate through the video like chapters in a book. When a user clicks on a key moment, they are taken to your site, where they can start watching the video from that moment in time.

Common use of video on e-commerce sites.
The video can engage shoppers on your ecommerce site and help people looking for relevant content on the Google search page. Here are some common uses for video on an ecommerce site:

Product Pages: Videos are often embedded in product pages, providing richer inspirational or functional product information than just static images. For example, inspirational content might show a happy family using a picnic basket in a park, while functional content might show how a stroller can serve as a convenience storage. These videos can be useful for people looking for information about shopping in Search.

Articles and Blog Posts: The site may also have articles and blog posts that contain video content. Videos can feature reviews comparing and evaluating the products you sell, or stories about what makes your business special. Different types of content are useful to different shoppers depending on whether they are looking for a product or ready to buy. Many buyers are also interested in your business itself, such as your position in recycling or supporting your community.

Live Streaming: Advanced sites can also support embedded live streaming, allowing viewers to interact with the host, creating a deeper relationship with your customers. Live broadcasts can be scheduled in advance or created instantly. Some video streaming services allow you to embed live streams into your pages, allowing you to leverage their infrastructure, keeping customers on your own site. If your live stream is recorded, it can stay on your site like a regular video, offering a longer Search retention period for people looking for relevant content.

Videos can be used in many other ways to support e-commerce, including on social media. When a video is hosted on a social media platform, the platform is responsible for making the video available for Google indexing, so you generally don’t need to do extra work.