How to choose a niche in Telegram

The choice of the subject of the channel about eset internet security key depends on whether you are running it for earnings or “for the soul”. If for earnings – be guided by two criteria:

the number of telegram channels of similar topics – the more there are, the harder it will be to move forward;
average cost of a subscriber – subscribers for channels in the “Humor” niche will be cheaper than in the “Marketing” or “Psychology” niche.
If you want to run a channel to earn money, it is better to buy a channel in the topic you need with a ready base of subscribers and hire an author who will write posts for you. According to Max Korolkov, the author of the channel “What are you advertising to me?”, Such a specialist will cost from 5 to 70 thousand rubles a month.

If you want to run a channel for the soul, there is only one criterion: you are passionate about this project and are ready to make content, communicate with subscribers and advertisers.