TikTok has launched a new type of ad

Now you can promote videos on TikTok directly from the app. Previously, advertising in Tik Tok was only available on their business portal. It was not possible to advertise your TikTok there, only an application or a third-party site.

Now you can promote any of your Tik Tok directly inside the application. There are three options:
1) Recruitment of subscribers.
2) Video views.
3) Site visits.
Moreover, the ad settings are very simple. You just need to select a video and the advertisement will start showing to all people right on the main page of the application.

By the way, for inexperienced users – you can choose automatic settings, and pay using special virtual coins, which are purchased directly in the profile using Google Play or Apple Pay.

Promotional videos will be posted with the Sponsored mark. So now anyone can advertise themselves on TikTok with a few shekels! 🙂