We create an online store VKontakte

There are two ways to create a VKontakte store: you can make a group about eset key in which your assortment will be presented, or you can use a special application within social networks.

Online store through a group
If you choose this option, then the content of the group will depend on whether you have a website or not.

If you have a site where all the products are presented, then the community in this case will serve as a kind of calling card of the main sales channel, encouraging you to go to the site.

In this case, you will need to make a menu with a list of products, when clicked on, visitors will be taken to the site. We also recommend making photo albums by product categories that will contain selected products with a mandatory link to the site and an explanation that the full range can be viewed on the site. And, of course, include product posts in the content plan that are designed in the same way as everyone else in the pool. Do not forget to add some interesting or useful content to such posts, for example, life hacks or humor, so they will be better perceived by users.

If the site is missing, then the issue needs to be approached more responsibly. First you need to wrap up all the available products in the menu. Although there is a little trick here to make your work easier – you can also specify only categories of goods in the menu, and links to photo albums already, because. in this case, the adjustment of the commodity matrix will be more efficient and simple. Photo albums must be kept in perfect order at all times. When creating them, you should pay attention to:

clear categorization of the product catalog;
high-quality product image;
the presence of a detailed description of the product indicating the cost, size, color, weight, etc. That is, any characteristics important to the buyer.
And if the site can be synchronized, for example, with 1C, then in the community each change in the characteristic or availability will have to be adjusted manually.

This option is possible if you have a small assortment of items and each is available in small quantities, otherwise you will come to the conclusion that the main part of the working day will be spent on adjusting photos. At the same time, do not forget that a potential buyer, once in your community and interested in a product, can be very disappointed if it turns out that the product has already been bought, and you simply did not have time to correct the information. In addition, correspondence with him will create additional work for you.

If you decide to create a VKontakte store, indicate how to place an order, specify the terms of delivery and payment. Such a sales channel is recommended for novice entrepreneurs to assess the demand for their product.

A good solution that optimizes your work and will cost much less than developing a website is to use a special application that will facilitate the work of creating and maintaining a store.

Online store through applications
There aren’t many high-quality apps on the market right now to streamline your store creation and management experience. As a rule, they are relevant for two social networks: Facebook and VKontakte. The choice of application and its properties will also depend on the availability of the site. Let’s look at the main variations:

business card store where you can place goods, but will not be able to sell online;
store link with clickable positions leading to the site;
a ready-made store for online sales through a social network.
It is clear that if you have a website, you can stop at the first two options, and if it is not available, the last one will become ideal.

When choosing the functionality of a ready-made store, you will receive a catalog and order management system through a single control panel. But be prepared for the cost of setting up such a store and monthly maintenance. Therefore, before determining how to create a VKontakte online store, consider all possible options and choose the one that is right for you.